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Somerscents Candles

Lemonade Stand Wax Melts

Lemonade Stand Wax Melts

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This sweet and fruity blend will take you right back to your childhood! Remember setting up a lemonade stand as a kid? 90° in July and nothing tasted better than that ice cold glass of lemonade while you waited for the next car to stop. Lemonade Stand is a perfect mix of Sugar and Lemons! Another scent great for any time of year and any room in the house! Grab this sugared lemon goodness today and you might just instantly have a new favorite fragrance! 


 All of our wax melts are made with 100% soy wax using phthalate-free fragrance recipes and contain absolutely no dyes. We aim to provide a top grade wax melt at a fair price using high quality ingredients!

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