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Somerscents Candles

Cigar Lounge Single Wick Candle

Cigar Lounge Single Wick Candle

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This scent defines masculinity. Deep hearty notes of a cigar fresh from the humidor are elevated by an uplifting middle note of Bay Leaf that is so powerful that you're not sure what you're getting first. Is that sweet, smooth Tobacco or is it Bay Leaf? It's both, and to add even more depth and complexity, we're carrying it to you with a familiar and highly regarded base note of Sandalwood. Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to fall in love with this one! Best enjoyed with a lowball glass of top shelf bourbon.

All of our candles are made with 100% soy wax using phthalate-free fragrance recipes and contain absolutely no dyes. We aim to provide a top grade candle at a fair price using high quality ingredients!

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