The Beginning

The Beginning

Here we go, the moment we've been talking about in our house for almost 10 years is about to happen. We're opening! The amount of support from family and friends and those of you that have already bought our candles at a craft sale or asked us to drop them off at your house or stopped over at ours has been truly uplifting and motivating.

Somerscents candles are officially available for purchase on our website and we've built in special treatment to Somerset, WI residents offering $5 personal delivery directly from our home to yours. This offer is only valid if you have a Somerset, WI address. Our goal is for every house in Somerset to have one of our products in it. We have some work to do!

My name is Brandon Koziol, I'm the Owner/Operator of Somerscents. My wife, Asia, is the mastermind behind the gorgeous photos of the product and is my key motivator. We work together to do everything like discuss shipping options, name candles, test fragrances, dream up new ideas, social media, this website, and keep our ears out for local craft sales! We're teaching our kids to find a hobby and that if you love what you do for money, you'll never "work" a day in your life. Thank you for supporting our business and giving us an opportunity to do that for them and being able to show them how to run a business and be a leader. 

We currently have well over 100 candles made and ready to go, we meant to have more ready but the more people that found out we were starting the business, the more we were selling before even being ready! A great problem to have and it has contributed to us shifting sourcing for some of our materials, including containers to a Wisconsin company to cut costs and offer BIGGER candles in the future. As we sell our current stock, you'll see announcements on Facebook and TikTok for any new containers, products, sizes or scents! Make sure to follow us on both! 

We look forward to doing business with you and we hope you enjoy our candles! If you wouldn't mind, please leave us a review on Facebook about how you like your candles and check back here for new blog posts about all things that smell good!

Thank you!


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