How Things Are Going!

How Things Are Going!

First of all, if you've purchased candles or wax melts from us, THANK YOU! Filling orders is almost as fun as making the candles and wax melts! We've shipped to 9 states so far since starting up the website and we REALLY want to try to ship to the other 41 this year so tell your friends about us! 🙏

Local Pickup is Live!

We've recently started the local pickup option that so many have asked us about! Every Wednesday from 3:30pm - 7:00pm you can swing by and we'll bring your order right to your vehicle. If you place your order by noon on Wednesday, we'll have your order ready for you that same Wednesday to pick up. If you place it after noon on Wednesday, we'll add that to the list of local pickups for the following Wednesday. So easy and it's FREE! Everyone loves free! 😁 Order any time of the week and your order will be ready for pickup on the Wednesday following your order!

So Many New Scents!

As expected, things have slowed down a little bit after the holidays. But we haven't slowed down on product development and refining our processes! We now have 13 scents available on our website and we're planning more. A reminder of our business goal for those of you just stopping by for the first time:

Our goal is to provide a top shelf product without the top shelf price tag! 

That means we're offering you materials that are such great quality that, first of all, we know places like B&BW or Scentsy would never bother purchasing to fill massive volumes of orders. And they definitely wouldn't offer them to you at the prices we're selling for if they did! Those "Big Box" companies as we like to call them have figured out the algorithm to sell you subpar quality products at a premium price and utilize their advertising to make you feel like you got a good deal. Not us!

We make every single thing in our inventory in small batches, and we don't even put our label on the product until it's visually and structurally acceptable. Products in our work area that don't have labels are products we either need to rework something on or clean the outside of the container. Our label is our promise that we've gone through rigorous checks before passing that specific item onto you. 

Social Media Shoutouts!

We've gotten some attention from some pretty cool social media personalities like FrenchToastPapi and RichTikToxic on TikTok! 

RichTikToxic loved our candles so much he placed his own order after we sent him a couple freebies to talk about in his TikTok Live Streams! When we enter the Live with him, he lights up one of our candles, shouts us out and changes the theme of the live to "Burning" those that are brave enough to ask in the chat to be given a burn based on their profile picture! 

You can watch FrenchToastPapi's hilarious review of us here:

Partnered Businesses!

We have had the opportunity to meet with some great small business owners that have requested to have our candles and wax melts on shelves in their stores! We admit, we have been rather selective on where we want our products showcased and we do have some limitations that we're not willing to sacrifice as they play into our values as a business.

Regardless of our pickiness, we made an agreement with an amazing business owner - Ali Paradies in Hudson, WI! She owns and operates Rose Hair Design in Hudson in the studios near Aldi. She's incredible at what she does and if you need your hair cut, colored, styled or anything in between, she's definitely who you want to have doing it! (Guys, you too!) Ali has tons of our candles and wax melts in her studio available to her clients and high-end hair care products with the knowledge to help you decide what you need! Go check her out at and you can smell and purchase our candles and wax melts on your way out! 

We do have another business we're looking forward to announcing that we're working with. It's a business down near Madison, WI and we're really excited to expand our reach and get our name out there in other areas of the state! We have some final agreements to go over but keep an eye on our Facebook and TikTok pages for the announcement when we're ready! 

If you're a business owner, or know someone who is, and you want our products on your shelves, reach out to us at and we'll get the discussion started! We offer business volume pricing for wholesale orders and are also willing to discuss consignment situations. We do only have a couple of stipulations on business partnerships and one of them is a maximum price charged on our products. Our entire business was designed around offering quality products without inflated prices but we are able to make sure businesses carrying Somerscents products are making a profit as well! We've responded to a large number of people asking where to find our products in a store and have sent all of them Ali's way over in Hudson! A great way to broaden your clientele! 

What's next?

We're currently in testing phases of offering a larger size candle in addition to our 7.5oz candles! These candles are so big that we can fit our 7.5 oz candle inside of the container and close it! The benefit to offering a bigger size container is that the wider the diameter of the opening, the further the scent throw when the candle is burning. The flame of a candle causes turbulence on the surface of the candle melt pool, the more surface area for the turbulence to "blow" across while burning, the more scent or "hot throw" there is to spread throughout the room. There is TONS of work that goes into properly wicking these bigger containers but the result will be so worth it. We PROMISE you're going to get these bigger ones at a reasonable and affordable price too! Right now, these new ones are looking to be about 14.5oz by weight, that's almost an entire pound of wax in one candle so expect some longer burn times and lots of fragrance in your home or office!

We may or may not be dreaming up some other fun things that we're not quite ready to discuss yet. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Tiktok to find out first!


We hope you enjoyed reading! Thank you so much for your business and make sure to leave us reviews on what you think of our products! You can now navigate to any product on our website and scroll down to the bottom to leave us up to a 5 star rating and write a review! Your email remains confidential and is only used as a spam deterrent! Looking forward to seeing what you have to say!

-Brandon Koziol

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